DUB FX Jungles back to Romania

Incredible atmosphere Sunday at club Fabrica in Bucharest. Dub FX has returned in Romania for another electric concert. Some people just have to much energy. This guy can keep it up forever and I just hope his voice will last forever because he’s not singing lullabies to little children but instead he’s beatboxing like there’s no tomorrow.
Ok, so we’ve heard so many beatboxers, no surprise there. Also, for the more specialized and passionate we also know about the loop stations and effects machines and what they do. But combining them results in something that music was waiting for a long time. I mean, I’m really tired of all the shity music it keeps on playing on TV and Radio today. The same ol’ dance music “performed” by all the crying and affected boys and semi-naked girls singing about “love”. All day long that simple basic beat over and over again. Like there’s no imagination anymore.
This guy instead, Benjamin Stanford, was lucky enough to have a great voice and passion to do something that is not that really complex if you think about it. If you want to create a beat you already have it in your head you’ll have to tune and set up your synth gear in order to produce that beat. And it can take forever sometimes. But what if you could sing it right away. And then sing the base line and add one instrument at a time.
Well, you can only do that if you are a beatboxer. And you have to practice a lot to become a beatboxer as he explains in the video below.
After that you have to figure it out how to combine all the sound that come out of your mouth. I’ve heard some beatboxers singing on two or even three voices (of course those are only tricks) but the posibilities are limited. The only thing you can do (if you want to be the only one who gets paid at the end of the concert) is to buy a loop station which practically records in real time whatever instrument your playing or singing and it automatically plays it in a loop if you want, so that you can start recording another voice or instrument. And all that is done live. So here’s how he’s doing it and the gear that he’s using in order to get that music style he has.

But enough about the logistics. The thing is this guy can create an incredible atmosphere by himself. Usually he’s backed up by his fiancee Flower Fairy but this time he came in Romania with hip hop artist CAde. Not only that they’ve put in a great show and I was wondering how much time can this guy use his voice but they’ve brought back jungle music once more in our hearts. When was the last time you listened jungle music? In the 90’s right? Kinda makes you remember what music we were listening then and what kind of music kids listen today.
I wish I could post some video clips from Sunday’s concert but unfortunately I was way to close to the speakers so the sound from the clips got distorted 100%. And that’s a shame because he actually performed a new song that was only heard for the first time in Cluj on Saturday and Bucharest on Sunday.
Hope you’ll pay more attention next time he comes back because I’m sure he will do it again and this is something really not to be missed. Try to evolve and pass the dance music stage. It’s time to experience a whole new thing.

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