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90 years ago a King was born. Today is the birthday of Michael I, King of Romania. He is the only monarch alive who witnessed the Second World War. I like history but I am not a historian so I will not get into details and controversy over what is best for a nation, but I do like the monarchy and some aspects of it. First of all, a King is an educated person. So from the beginning you have a role model in front of you. All the etiquette, the traditions and protocol impose respect and admiration. I was always impressed by the Countries where there is still monarchy due to the fact that you could sense the level of education and civilization. So I wonder, what is better? To have a King in front of you who impose respect through his attitude or to have a semi-bold president who laughs like an ordinary moron? I would always choose the first. Because the King or the President or whoever rules a Country is a role model for his people. Perhaps that’s why we are who we are day by day. Because we have such great models to follow.
But what’s the King’s Day have to do anything with music? Well, actually there were some events put in place by the Royal Family in order to anticipate the King’s Birthday and one of them was the releasing of the King’s Music CD. The name says it all and I just bought it today out of interest.
I am trying to start a project in which I would like to find out what kind of music people listen to, rather than watching music TV stations and believing that’s the trend. For this I would have to ask people what do they listen to whenever I have the chance. But what better moment to start this project than now? I am able to find out what kind of music a King is listening to.
So, what music do King Michael of Romania is listening to? Classical music of course, right? Yes, but not only that. I advise everybody to purchase this CD because it contains some surprises one which I will share with you now. So, this is a King’s music:

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