Assemblage at Atheneum

The world is spinning. Fast! And with it, all the rest of us. So we tend to grab on things to hold on. By doing this we either destroy things or create things. We sometimes make a passion out of it and we constantly improve it. It’s not anymore a necesity or just a hobby, it becomes more than that. You feel that you have to give your contribution to certain things, in the end knowing that you’ve become a part of this process of “holding on something”.
Along the course of history, music has constantly changed. New genres of music were born and attracted new audiences. Nowadays, with a multitude of genres of music, people segregated based on the type of music listened. But music is for all and musicians are trying to bring people of all ages and nations, together. So sometimes you need to combine two or more types of music to gather people who listen to those genres and see how they can blend together.
That’s what happened this year during an experimental workshop at the Centre for study of Vernacular Architecture in Dealu Frumos, Sibiu County. The workshop was organized by Arhitext Design Foundation with the help of Mr. Arpad Zachi. More info here.
Simple recipe: you take one choir and one electronic music band and you put them in a room and see what’s coming out after a few months of practice. Besides brain damage, an interesting experiment that resembles the ideea of an “assemblage”.
The Sound Choir conducted by Voicu Popescu engaged in this endeavour alongside The Pixels band represented by Catalin Rulea who is also the person who composed and arranged the electronic music for this experiment and together managed to create something unique in the romanian musical landscape.
After Dealu Frumos, the project was put again on stage, this time in a very special location. And on the historical date of 16 november 2008, for the first time (I believe) electronic sounds and beats of drums were heard on the stage of the Romanian Atheneum alongside the voices from a choir.
The whole concept of this concert was to give a more educative perspective of sacred and secular music through the centuries to this very day.
So, what happened? Well, why don’t you have a look?

Sound Choir performing “Tourdion” by Anonymous

Just a glimpse of the Sound Choir and The Pixels performing on stage.
I would like to thank Stan Jean for recording these video images and letting me use them, and Camelia Ducaru for bringing him there.

2 Comments Assemblage at Atheneum

  1. Anonymous 02/12/2008 at 5:32 pm

    … si cantecele… si centecele… oare numai eu nu vad nimic in fereastra? Sutn spatii albe mari intre ultimele tale randuri, care ar trebui sa incadreze videoclipurile, doar ca la mine nu apare nimic…

    Catalina Baia

  2. Alexandru Damian 02/12/2008 at 11:21 pm

    S-ar putea sa fie blocat accesul catre youtube. Ele se pot gasi si pe Youtube la o cautare de Sound Choir Romania.


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