Boo Boo Davis at Hard Rock Cafe

Something blue is happening every monday at Hard Rock Cafe in Bucharest. If you’re bored with all the house music played at the radio stations, tv, pubs and clubs, join in at Hard Rock Cafe for something different. Live bands play there and the sound is great. And every monday a series of jazz and blues concerts are taking place. Artist not only from Romania but also from abroad came to perform here.

That was the case this monday when blues artist Boo Boo Davis came to Hard Rock Cafe. Well, the name should say everything. And where is he from? Well, from Mississippi. Without listening him before I knew it was going to be something great. And indeed it was.

Boo Boo Davis is from Mississippi and he learned music since he was young, from the very fields of cotton. He is maybe one of the last original blues artists. You know that old blues, when you close your eyes and just wave your head forward and backward just saying “Yeah, man”. That music that makes you imagine yourself out there on the porch, smokin’ a ciggar, or driving down the highway with all the windows open.

Actually the blues is the manifestation of the solo vocal afro-american folk music. When a black man was resting on the quay from all the hard work and singing…

just like he was relaxing and chasing away the laziness through reciting, he was actually singing the beginning of the blues.

The form made of 3 verses (statement, repetition and “answer”) is the most classic form of blues. The usual structure of blues is made out of 12 measures. 4 measures correspond to each verse. To express in a different way the repetition, the melodic theme changes but all verses end on the base key.

Although the verses are associated with the hardness of life, the everyday troubles and the “blue” state of the singers, the blues has also a humor touch which differentiate this type of music from the rest of the sentimental genres.
It is not known where exactly blues was born but it appears that it has emerged in different places at the same time and it did not wear the name called today.

At first it was only vocal and when it was more easily for black people to procure musical intruments, the accompaniament became very usually. First the banjo, then the guitar and then the piano. The instruments played a decisive role in the evolution of blues transforming it later into what we know to day as being jazz.

At the age of thirteen Boo Boo Davis was playing the guitar and the harmonica being used to music from his father Sylvester Davis, who was also a singer. It was common to see his father rehearsing in their home along side artist like John Lee Hooker, Elmore James and Robert Pete Williams. Now, just sit back for a moment and think about that! John Lee Hooker, Elmore James or Robert Pete Williams rehearsing in your own home? No words can describe the feeling.
Must be difficult to make peace with this crazy world and Boo Boo does that with the help of his guiding spirit that he calls Dave and deliver an incredible doze of pure blues music. I was wondering who Dave was while attending the concert because Boo Boo called him a lot. We were all wondering were Dave was, looking for him in the room, but I guess he was there but not for us to see.

Davis travels also in Europe along side two other great memebers in his band. They are Jan Mittendorp (guitar) and John Gerritse (drums). Great artists and musicians, they manage along side Boo Boo Davis to deliver one of the best blues perfomances I’ve ever heard. Great thing guys, and John, keep those 8 beats pumping on the drums!
I guess you can also search on Youtube about Boo Boo Davis but I’m going to show you some short samples of what was going on there. P.S. I didn’t take my photo camera with me that evening because there are things that you must enjoy it only for yourself. All has been captured with my phone so the quality is poor. Enjoy!

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