Neranjan de Silva – Celebration in Song

I’ve received a few days ago a mail from Neranjan de Silva regarding a concert that will take place on the 13th of October. Well, we’re talking about Sri Lanka here, and is quite hard to attend to that event, but it brought back some great memories. I’ve met briefly Neranjan de Silva and Christopher Prins at the Choir Olympics in Graz, Austria. It was a lunch break and I caught a glimpse of their percussion instruments (from about 20 meters, making me definitely an all-making-noise-drum-obsessed-freak) and I could not help myself but to take a peak. From there it didn’t take long for the Sound Choir to start singing again, alongside these guys 🙂 What happened you can see in the video below and I tell you, it was one of the best moments in Graz. Well, later I’ve found out that they were performing with their choir, The Soul Sounds from Sri Lanka. Unfortunately, we were unable to here them performing live (as we haven’t been able to hear also The Swingle Singers, missing them by just a day), all because of the busy schedule. Let me remind you that during the Choir Olympics about 500 choirs from all over the world attended that event. 500 choirs, about 20000 folks to say the least. Learn more about what happened in Graz here. For more informations about the Soul Sounds, check out their site here. Or you could simply get a glimpse here, from YouTube.
Now, as promised, a little reminder of how we’ve managed to sing together in order to bring nations together and I send out a big Hello for these guys.

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