This post is dedicated to all the singers around the world!
I have started by posting a short clip wich was recorded during the World Choir Games in Graz, this year, during a break when all of us were waiting for the dinner, bored and tired after the competition. This video demonstrates the power of singing because we didn’t knew the two members from Soul Sounds choir from Sri Lanka, that are playing the drums, for more than a couple of minutes. They are Neranjan de Silva and Cristopher Prins and you can find more about them here. I was interested in the percussion instruments that they had and from one to another we’ve started singing. Nor did I knew the asian guy with the tambourine who came from nowhere. They’ve all joined for the pleasure of singing because it doesn’t matter at all where are you from, what language do you speak or what colour does your God have (if you have any). All that matters is that we all can speak the same language, music. And that pleasure can also be seen on my retard face. Yes, I am the one sitting on his knees with a dumb smile, “tinkleing” and “dingleing”, making a big contribution to the singing process 🙂
So, during the years I’ve came to meet a lot of singers from different places. Some of them just passed by trough my camera lenses, others became friends for a while. Some inspired me with their singing, others just made me realize how good I am. With many of them I’ve changed musical sheets, which I thank them all with this ocasion. From some people I’ve learned great stuff, like how to imitate instruments with your voice. Very helpful when you don’t have money to buy them 🙂 Other people were known singers or conducters met at festivals with whom I’ve managed to have a short, but priceless conversation and get my hands on some autographs. A few of them are portrayed in the following pictures. I can’t name them all but some of you will recognize people like Freddy Lafont, Jordi Savall, Huun Huur Tu, Angelite, Misha Katz, Roxana Constantinescu and many others.
Well, I believe that singing is probably “the best beer in the world”. We know that, and people who listen to us know that. So, keep on singing and listening.
In the end I have to thank to one very special singer who at one blind moment :), dragged me into this world. If she hadn’t taken me into this journey all this pictures wouldn’t be here today. I know, very touchy but that may be also because right know I’m listening to Clair de Lune from that guy Debussy (you can listen too if you scroll down to the bottom of the page). I don’t know but he really puts you in the mood…

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